3 years to go…I’m heading to Japan!

japan-photo-tour-slide-image-elia-pagoda-2000-55qToday is was announced that its 3 years until the Rugby World Cup visits Japan…and my heart stirred. 

Since I was as young as I remember I have always wanted to visit Japan. From watching Battle of the Planets, Monkey, playing every 80’s arcade machine, Japan had that mixture of Samurai, kung-fu and Sci-Fi which appealed to a young boy living in Norfolk. But as you grow up, you exchange those dreams for security involving a job, family and paying the bills. Well no more. Since I was 25 I’ve had a few bumps along the road with my health, which included 5 years  on dialysis and now having a kidney transplant. I promised myself since the transplant I would live every day, every month, every year as its the best one…and so far so good, however I need a big project to look forward to.

So……I’m going to make it to Japan and back to watch the rugby world cup. 

One problem.…I don’t fly!

Since a really bad experience in a plane 4  years ago,  I get nervous about flying. Blood draining from your face nervous. BA from the A-Team nervous.

Solution …only one way to do it. I’m going to have to get to Paris, travel across Vladivostok, then catch the ferry to Japan. Simples.

So I’m now in the planning stages, sourcing any corporate sponsors and persuading my wife its a great idea.

If you think you would like to join me on the trip or your company would like to sponsor the trip, then please contact me at nathan_flatman@hotmail.com