Funding the trip…see how you can help


Aims of the trip

  1. While in Japan I want to visit kidney and diabetic patients, to promote closer relationships with patients from the UK and Japan.
  2. Meet younger patients to show them anything is possible. I’ve been a transplant patient for over 10 years and diabetic for around 2 months. The one I notice when I visit the clinics I’m always the youngest person in the place! It seems anyone under 45 never gets ill…but I know they do. I want to inspire that group to travel, dream and achieve their dreams, not hide away and let their illness take over.
  3. As part of my trip I want to produce a photography journal, which upon my return will be sold to raise funds for the Kidney Patient Association. The journal will cover three elements of my trip, namely the Trans Siberian Express, the people of Japan (Kidney and diabetic patients) and the Rugby World Cup Experience.

How am I go to fund it?

So, I’ve been busy working out how to do the trip, avoiding how to fly and only travel to Japan using trains, ferries or foot.

Looking at the logistics of it, I’m going to have to ask for funding…as my bank balance isn’t going to cover this.

Can individuals help fund me?

Yes, I’m planning to set up a Crowd Funding page…email me ( in the meantime with intent to support and I’ll send on the link for the Crowd Fund page once its up.

What’s in it for a business to sponsor me?

Well, lot’s of great things. Some you might realise already, others you might not have considered.

I work in marketing, so I can see how I can add a real USP to any company looking to  not only tap into the rugby community, but as a kidney and diabetic patient, you would also tap into the disabled travel market. I currently have some mobility issues due to complications with my kidneys, so what better way to shine a light and say nothing is impossible with the help of your brand.

From wearing your shirts on the daily blog photo, using your services to plan the journey…maybe you even run the Trans Siberian railway and want to show how easy it is for passengers with mobility issues to use your service, I can offer your company a USP your competitors don’t offer. much does it take to get your business in the paper or trade press? £250, £500, £1000? Think of the great PR angle you could get by supporting an traveller like me. Not only would you get print coverage, but also digital coverage, radio, maybe even TV…the opportunities are endless. To complete the whole project I’m looking to raise in the region of £5000, so it’s not impossible!

If you can help, I’ve the ideas to help make sure your investment goes all the way to help your brand. For more information contact