Top tips for travelling on the Trans Siberian Railway

Over the Christmas period I’m starting to plan my trip and come across some helpful tips from fellow travellers. Here’s the top tips I’ve learnt which might help you plan…

  1. 7 Days on the trip with no showers….
    The constant comment is make sure you take baby wipes to keep fresh and clean. Even first class doesn’t come with showers, so baby wipes are essential kit!
  2. Food…snack away. 
    If you are like me and on a restricted diet then taking plenty of snacks looks essential. With train restaurant food being on the pricey side and often becoming a bit bland, then its essential to bring some snacks to keep the taste buds going. trans-siberian-railway-train-lounge-carriagen
  3. Learn some key words….like Thank You.
    I’m from Norfolk and people hardly understand me in Suffolk, so its essential to get a Russian phrase book to help you on your journey.
  4. Get to know people…
    You are on a long journey, why make it feel longer without making friends.
  5. Keep to a routine…
    If you start sleeping odd hours, not changing at night, then its going to be a tough experience. Keep to a routine ensuring you wash, eat and relax at key times.