What are the core aims of my trip to Japan…

The trip to Japan will take about 8 days, with an expected stay in Japan lasting around 4 weeks. During my journey I hope to achieve 3 core aims….

Aims of the trip

  1. Sharing knowledge

    While in Japan I want to visit kidney and diabetic patients, to promote closer relationships with patients from the UK and Japan. This will include a greater understanding on the treatment of patients in both countries, sharing coping strategy and diet advice, and generally show a new perspective to both UK and Japanese patients about their treatments. Information on this growing relationship will be posted on this blog and shared in various diabetic and kidney forums.

  2. Meet younger patients to show them anything is possible.

    I’ve been a transplant patient for over 10 years and diabetic for around 2 months. The one I notice when I visit the clinics I’m always the youngest person in the place! It seems anyone under 45 never gets ill…but I know they do.

    I want to inspire that group to travel, dream and achieve their dreams, not hide away and let their illness take over.

  3. Photography journal…

    As part of my trip I want to produce a photography journal, which upon my return will be sold to raise funds for the Kidney Patient Association.

    The journal will cover three elements of my trip, namely the Trans Siberian Express, the people of Japan (Kidney and diabetic patients) and the Rugby World Cup Experience.

    If you think you can help fund my trip to Japan, then please contact me at nathan_flatman@hotmail.com