24 hours in Moscow

My trip to Japan in 2019 will involve a number of capital cities, including travelling from rural Norfolk to London, onto Brussels, then up to Moscow, where I intend to catch the Trans Siberian Express. Moscow conjures up the Kremlin, the USSR, Vodka bars and New Years Eve in -20 degrees. So I’ve being doing my research on what to do in Moscow, as I’m planning to have 24 hours in this wonderfully intriguing city.

Red Square

It’ a fairly obvious one to start with, however probably the most iconic part of Moscow. Separating the Kremlin and the official residence of the President of Russia, Red Square is at the heart of Moscow, as all major streets, which connect to Russia’s highways originate from Red Square.

St Basils Cathedral

Based on Red Square, St Basils shouts “Russia” with its iconic features. The building contains 10 churches, situated above the tomb of St Basil. Construct by the Czar, Ivan IV, in the 1550’s it has lived through war, revolution, empires and atheism. Now part museum, it is now occasionally used by the Russian Orthodox Church for special events.

The Moscow Metro

Now having lived in London for 10 years I love the Tube and its iconic stations, inspired by its surroundings and great pieces of art. The New York Subway is also unique…it’s like a film set when you use it and its a great way to meet real New Yorker’s. However the Russian Metro is truly unique and is something I’m looking forward to visiting.  Its golden period of design was during USSR’s golden period in the 1950’s, which led the Metro to be one of its most ambitious architectural projects. The metro’s artists and architects worked to design a structure that embodied svet (radiance or brilliance) and svetloe budushchee (a radiant future). With their reflective marble walls, high ceilings and grand chandeliers, many Moscow Metro stations have been likened to an “artificial underground sun”. This palatial underground environment reminded riders that their tax rubles had been well spent! I can’t wait to see it.

Cafe Mandarinovy Gus

When in Russia, savour the food…so that’s why I’m going to check out Cafe Mandarinovy  Gus  Packed with Russian specials, with Georgian influence. Not too pricy (great for a travellers wallet), I’m looking forward to seeing what specials are on offer that day!

Lenin’s Mausoleum

Once again based on Red Square, the last resting place of Lenin is a must for anyone who follows international politics and history. An iconic man, his contribution to world events is probably unparalleled in the 20th century history books and it’s only fitting when in Moscow I visit his tomb.

So that’s my 24 hours in Moscow…if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.