The Chase

So, when you need to raise some cash for a massive trip and photography exhibition like the one I’m planning sometimes you need to think outside of the box.

Yes, I’m still looking to sponsors to fund the trip, however I thought another way to raise the money would be to appear on a game show. Little did I know the whole process would take up to 2 years from submitting the application, interviews in London, to seeing myself finally on the small screen. It was a fascinating experience and one I hope to do again in the future.

So what show did I go on? I was selected to be on ITV’s “The Chase” with Bradley Walsh and finally, on Friday, October 13th, my episode is going to be shown.

I can’t say (yet) what happened, however I will share a few things I learnt….

– The Chase studio is a lot, lot smaller than you expect and is kind of held together with sticky tape.

– The Chaser we had…well, he/she was a true professional.

-Sometimes…just sometimes, you need to put your mouth into the same gear as your brain. You’ll see.

So, if you want to see the person behind the blog, check out ITV’s The Chase this Friday, October 13th and see how I get on.