My weakness and passion rolled up in one

Do you have a weakness?

Shoes? Burgers? A nice watch?

Well my vice is rugby balls…and I’m an addict. A massive, unforgiven addict who wishes his addiction will last a lifetime.

When I visit a sports shop, the first thing I do is check out the rugby balls. From the design, the grip, the overall shape and aerodynamics…I’m hooked like a junkie craving his next hit when I see them on display.

I rarely walk past a group of new rugby balls and decide not to buy at least one in a shop. Then, like any addict, the hit from my new purchase wears of, the smell of the rubber goes, the grip declines, the pattern fades…and I’m looking for my new hit, and only Lovell Sports of Sports World can deliver what I need.

In a perfect world, my rugby ball purchases would never grace a playing field, but remain on my man shed shelves, to be admired, gently thrown around, yet never allowed near the mud.

I’m hooked and I’m not afraid to admit it. 

So, my passion…my addiction … well its has just hit a new high when I saw a trailer for the new Gilbert 2019 Rugby World Cup Ball.

I clicked on the video link showcasing the new design…in high anticipation, I waited for the advert to pass…the I awoke, marvelled and saw the new rugby phenonmon.  Looking dynamic, modern, yet with an Japanese traditional twist, the ball displays exceptional grip and a wonderfuly in-flight design. The new Gilbert ball…well it looks amazing. See for yourself below.

So if you work for Gilbert and you need a rugby ball addict to test them out…send them this way! I would truly love to get my hands on this new ball…it simply looks sensational.