What gift should you bring to a Japanese party?White strawberries?

I love exploring more about Japan, its rugby, culture and food however in this video from “Only in Japan” I came across something I hadn’t expected…the Japanese love affair with not only the Strawberry, but how they prize a particular breed…the White Strawberry.

As a lover of English strawberries, especially the ones grown in my home county of Norfolk, which has some of the most delicious strawberries in the world, I was amazed to see how not only have Japanese farmers tended to grow very red, soft, sweet strawberries, similar to the English variety, yet have experimented with crossbreeding to produce a whole range of of different looking (and very sweet tasting) alternatives, including the very pricey White Strawberry, which cane go for £7 per strawberry.

It was fascinating to see how the producer of the video needed a gift when attended a party and visited a Food market, which specialised in exotic fruit…with a price tag to match! After seeing this video, I now know (1)  Gifts at parties will be essential, even fruit is acceptable! (2) I have to find out what the taste is like!

So, that’s the intro to the video…don’t forget to look out for the wonderful names the Japanese Strawberry breeds have and how delicious the Strawberry and Cream Sandwich looked in the shop #NomNomNom