18 days of travel…what books should I take?

I’m an avid book reader and would often demolish a book in a sitting. So now my trip to Japan, via  Russia and the Trans Siberian Express, is in full planning mode I’ve decided  a few things. Firslty the trip will be a chance to tick off some of those classic books I’ve never had a chance to read.

I’ve read most of the top 100 books you find in online reviews, however some have slipped through the net…and its time to rectify that.

To Kill A Mockinbird by Harper Lee

I’m sure you have read it at school, college or univeristy…but whatever happened in my life I never seemed to have it on my reading list. Time to change that. 

Round Ireland With A Fridge by Tony Hawk

I’ve heard several great reviews about this book and often wanted to give it a try. As an Englishman who has lived in Ireland I’d love to understand Hawks understanding of this wonderful country and see if we shared similair outlooks.

The Periodic Table by Primo Levi

When I was at school I was introduced to Levi and his book, “If this is a man”, his memoir of his time in the Nazi concetration camps. Moving, horrific, a masterpiece of writing recounting the horrors of mankind, his book inspired me as a 17 year old to ensure that injustice and bigoty had no place in either my life, my friends or the society I wanted to live in. Some years later I heard a radio play based on Levi’s Periodic Table and was once again inspired by this man. I feel it truly is a duty and a honour to read this thought proviking book

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Often mistquoted in politics, the “Art of War” is a book that ha. It has been handed down from generations, especially within China since the early 400 BC. Offering a giving a philisophical look at leadership, life and society, its a book I’ve always wanted to ponder over whilst taking a long train trip.

So that’s the end of the current list. I anticipate adding a further 2-3 books to the list, but which ones? Leave a comment with your suggestions. 

To ensure I enjoy them, I do prefer..

  • Books with no Russian character names…I simply find it too hard to remember who is who.
  • Think outside of the box, I’ve already completed books and plays including 1984, The Prince, Tolkien, Shakespeare etc.
  • I’m looking for a light hearted read which will raise my spirits when the trip feels particulary hard.
  • I love biographies, but I’ve completed all of the sporting and political ones I feel interested in…have I missed something?
  • History is my first love…what histroial novel or book would you suggest?

I look forward to hearing your suggestions.