Help sponsor me for my trip to Japan in 2019

In my blog I talk about many things from Japan, Russia and Norfolk to  rugby, food and culture….but why? For me, its hope, for young kidney patients its inspiration. 

This blog is my way of sharing my plans to visit Japan in 2019, which will incorporate meeting kidney patients in Japan, sharing their story and mine through photography,  inspiring those with kidney disease in the UK to chase their dreams, whilst seeing and chronicling this mission with the backdrop of the 2019 rugby world cup and my love of rugby. Since my early 20’s I’ve had to battle my health and now in my early 40’s I’ve decided to declare all out war, push my body and mind and make a trip of a lifetime. Japan is a country I have always wanted to visit since I was a young boy growing up in rural Norfolk and since I can’t fly, I’m taking the long route via the Trans Siberian Express.

What pushes me to stay focused and battle my health? Namely Rugby and the spirit of the game, which has given me so much in terms of respect, teamwork, a true band of brothers spirit both on and off the field. It has helped me in dark days and moments of celebrations and that’s why I have to travel to Japan during the Rugby World Cup in 2019…it only seems fitting.

I’ve not let kidney disease stop me  from working, starting a family, building a home and I’m not going to let it stop me doing this trip. I realise when I first got diagnosed I needed role models to look up to, to say to myself its not over, look at what they acheived. I had several people help me, they were older than me, but inspired me to tackle my illness head on…so now its time for me to help the next generation coming through and shine a light into the what many will see as a dark future.

Since the blog started I have received generous donations via GoFundMe and support from businesses keen to help me on my travels. So its 2018, and countdown to 2019…this year is about maximising my sponsorship, planning the trip and getting ready.

Therefore I need your help…

Whoever you are, read the full story about my life, my battle against kidney disease (Iga) and my mission on my  GoFundMe page and find out more about how you can help or donate.

Thank you and a Happy New Year.