The rugby world owe a debt to Samoa

Its been recently reported that Samoa rugby is bankrupt…

What a sad state of affairs for the world of rugby to see this proud rugby nation struggling financially, when its offered so much to the rugby world.

I’m from a generation that remember the impact (Western) Samoa had at the 1991 Rugby World Cup. They made a huge impact. After sweeping aside Wales 16–13 in Cardiff and defeating Argentina 35–12, and narrowly losing 3–9 to eventual champions Australia in their pool match, Western Samoa, a country with a population of 160,000, found itself in the quarterfinals against Scotland at Murrayfield. The Scots won comfortably 28–6, but the Samoans were clearly the personality team of the tournament. From that moment, Samoa has provided not only some of the best matches of the World Cup, but have developed players who have not only gone on to wear the famous jersey, but also become adopted players for New Zealand, Australia and England to name a few.

Scotland recently helped the Samoans by covering their expenses during their last match, whislt England have offered a goodwill gesture of £75K…that’s probably what they take in car parking fees at Twickenham.  The England rugby players recognised themselves the imbalance in the sport and finances for the Samoan players and did agree to personally give £1,000 from their appearance fee to the Samoan team, but it was later rescinded. Pressure from the RFU I wonder?

Why won’t the RFU and World Rugby step up, help with funding and support the structure of the Samoan RFU, which looks like it needs a clean up. Rugby needs Samoa and at the very time, Samoa needs them.

I totally understand that rugby is a professional sport and likewise the clubs and national teams have to be based on business principles, but surely sharing even £1 million from the massive gate receipts with Samoa wouldn’t hurt the England coffers that much and would set Samoa up.

So come on the RFU…step up to the plate in 2018 and help out this proud nation in its time of need.