Ren and G are set to welcome me in Japan

Every major sporting event has to have a mascot, with football possibly being the most recognisable, however rugby is hitting back with the launch of Ren and G for the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Even though I wasn’t born in 1966, I’m very familiar with the iconic World Cup Willie, the 12th man for the  1966 FIFA World Cup (which England won if you didn’t know).


Then who could forget Pique from Mexico 1986…a tournament most famous for Hand of God and the introduction of the Mexican wave to every match around the world.


Finally, in my top footie 3, has to be Ciao from 1986, the football stick figure…instantly recognisable.


So…enter stage left is Ren and G, who have recently been unveiled as the 2019 Japan rugby world cup mascots.  They are mean to represent two mythical, lion-like creatures that are believed in ancient Japan to chase away evil and bring happiness.

Apparently Ren is the parent, and G is the child.


Time will tell if they stick in the public’s imagination…let’s hope they help the rugby world cup get in the festive spirit!