Got to keep going…

This blog is a record of some of my passions in life. Rugby. Food. Travel. My family. However one thing that often creeps into all 4 elements of that list is my health. It’s been a tough few months, so I took some time off blogging to get my body and mind back in shape.

So what happened?

I’ve been recently afflicted with a serious gout flame, which literally inflamed my knees, ankles and every toe…meaning I was confined to my bed for 2 whole weeks and then was on crutches  for a few more .

Now we have all wished for a few extra hours in bed on a Monday morning, however after 2 weeks of gout in bed I was seriously going stir crazy.

I’m now back on my feet, the pain is still hanging around and I’ve lost a fair bit of power in my knees, but I’m glad to be back to the world beyond Judge Rinder, This Morning and the view of the churchyard next door.

With any problem you always need to see the positives…and the one thing that did happen was I finally had time to grow a beard!

The other positive I felt came out of this period was I wanted to show my son’s that whatever the challenge you face in life, whether its travelling to Japan or simply trying to get out of bed, you can’t give in. Only time will tell if it sunk in.  

So what’s going to happen next?!

Well, I’m now in full planning mode to Japan, however I have received an early set back which was my application for the first round of tickets was rejected in the ballot. I’m disappointed but understand the allocation of tickets was always going to be difficult. I now need to put my name forward for the next round of tickets, that go on sale in September this year.

So, as always, its onwards and upwards. #NoSurrender