Heartbreaking news concerning the ticket ballot


So its been a while since I last blogged about the potential trip…so here’s the update.

Good news!

  1. I’ve changed jobs (hooray!). Loving my new PR and Marketing role.
  2. I applied for tickets for the rugby world cup in Japan and was successful!!!

Bad news..

  1. The tickets I secured for the world cup were only for 1 match, not the 4 I’d applied for…so back to plan C and another ticket ballot. #Heartbreaking
  2. My funding for the trip is falling short now due to house repairs and other unexpected family expenses, so I’m now even more keen to develop corporate sponsorship links and attract 4-5 main sponsors who would be prepared to support my mission by around £3500 each.

    In return for that investment, those companies will receive fantastic PR opportunities including TV, radio, press and lifestyle magazines. If you think your company could assist with partial or full sponsorship, please email me at nathan_flatman@hotmail.com