Never…Never…Never Give Up!

It’s been a while (again) since I last updated my blog. Why some might ask? Well, I’ve had a few setbacks, but I’ve wised up, had a good talking to myself, refocused and reignited my passion. No surrender.

So…what’s happened…..

– I’ve entered in the 3rd, yes the 3rd ballot for tickets. I’ll hear back in November if I have been successful of not. Losing out on the first two ballots made me feel like “is this really going to happen?” Setback after setback then kicked in and I thought to myself just give up. I did a massive disservice to myself, I should of kept focused. Throughout my ill health battling kidney disease, dialysis and transplantation I have always tried (and managed) to distract myself from setbacks. Bad news from the docs…never mind, its rugby this weekend with the kids, that will be great. Iffy blood test…its just one test, focus on work and wait for the next one to come up. For some reason I let the setback of not getting tickets into my head and for the first time I was feeling like giving up on several fronts. That leads me onto point 2.

– I’ve started a new job, so the chances of getting 40 days off is now remoted, so I’ve decided on making the last 2 England group stage matches. Why did I change my job? Negative vibes at work are never great and I decided I was worth much more than to hang around certain people who simply wanted to drag everyone down to their level. My new role is great, I’m in a very positive business culture and I feel like I’m in the place I need to be…and deserve.

– As I’ve changed the travel agenda, I’ve also have to face one of my greatest fears…I have to get over my fear of flying. The trip on the trans Siberian is going to have to wait . Learning to get over my fear of flying is a major hurdle for me, so I’ve spent some time researching fearless flying courses. I never realised so many people had the same issue as me. I haven’t picked the course yet, however the aim is to attend a course in January…. watch this space.

– I’m still looking to be self sufficient on the trip, avoiding group travel companies, as I want to see the real Japan. So planning kicks in once I know about the tickets and I overcome my fear of flying…which I will do!

So, I’ve picked myself up and plan to move on with my plans…life is too short. To help me keep focused I plan to pick up my blogging again, so watch this space. 


  1. Hi Nathan, your posts started to appear in my feed a while back and am now following you. I’m doing a similar independent trip, though not training it there, and used to live in Japan a while back. Let me know if there’s any information or advice you need on the trip, sure I can help. I’ll gradually be increasing the number of Japan RWC posts on my blog as we get near.


    1. Thanks Mike…now having to face my biggest challenge and taking the plane…doing a fearless flying course in the new year. Fingers crossed!


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