Once in a lifetime…

Rugby is a universal game, however its wonderful to see how individual countries put their own twist on the sport. The French flair, Irish true grit, Samoan pride, Fiji running it from deep and England…well, that’s a hard one to nail.

With the forthcoming Japan Rugby World Cup in 2019 their promotional video offered a unique insight into the passion Japan have for the sport and how it dovetails into the culture and class rules within society.


The passion is also shared in this short trailer for the RWC 2019…from my persepctive it certainly shows a dream ignited not just with the players, but also the fans.


Compare it to the sounds of Jerusalem, the playing fields of Rugby School and the tale of the ultimate rule breaker, the England RWC 2015 promo video certainly tries to combine the history of the sport to the modern game. I wonder how the Americans would of approached it…I think with a bit more bling!