Success! I’ve finally got tickets…

Cornflakes never tasted so good…

Sitting at the breakfast table I heard the phone ping this morning. Normally its a recruitment agency job alert (which I keep meaning to unsubscribe from) or Vodafone trying to upgrade my phone package.

Today was a something totally different.

Through my early morning glazed eyes I saw in the email for potentially my golden ticket. It was from the “The Rugby Ticket Information” asking me “not to miss out on this exclusive opportunity”. I quickly opened the official email, hoping I’d secured my ticket allocation, as previous ballots failed to deliver what I needed.

Would today be different? Time slowed down as I waited for the WiFi to open the email and catch up with my expectations of a quick response. Slowly, actually painfully slowly, the email opened and bang…I could see I’d secured tickets to see England vs Argentina and England vs France! Happy days!

Plans are now in place. My mind is going at 1000 miles an hour. Tickets will be purchased this weekend, accommodation booked within the month and flights booked…then its the time to tackle a fearless flyer course! Feck…I forgot about that.

So my plans have changed. No more train trips across Russia and a ferry onto Japan, which I deeply regret, however if I’m to make it to Japan I’ll have to overcome not 5000 miles on a train, but 12 hours in a plane, a far dramatic challenge I feel.

I am still looking for potential sponsors, so if your company is looking for any potential partnerships running up to and including the RWC 2019, don’t hesitate in getting in contact!