5 things to do in Yokohama City

I’ve been doing some research on Yokohama, where England will play their final match of the pool group for the Japan Rugby World Cup against its oldest enemy France on October 12th. I hope to spend possibly Thursday, but almost certainly Friday and Saturday in Yokohama, with the Sunday being the day I fly back. 

So with at least 2 days, maybe 3 days to fill, what should I look at doing…here’s my top 5 ideas of things to do in Yokohama. 

1- Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden 

I think one trip on the list will be this marvelous observation deck in Yokohama, which can be reached via the country’s fastest elevator which whisks you up to the 69th floor in just under 40 seconds. Once you’ve arrived,  you can enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view of the city, extending all the way to Tokyo and even Mt. Fuji on a clear day. 

2 –  Rugby Diner 7oaths
The name says it all. This themed diner is all about spreading the rugby love across Yokohama. Owners, staff and customers are all nuts for the game — and it shows.  With a menu offering rugby-inspired food like the “Fried Onion Tackle” and “Chicken Ruck Nuggets”, I’m sure I’ll be at home. 

3 – The Sojiji Temple
This wonderful building includes the  “Daisodo (Founders’ Hall)” with a ceiling 36 meters high and a floor covered with one thousand mats, as well as “Hyakken rouka (Long Corridor)” which is 152 meters long can be found within its premises of about 500,000 square meters.

There is also a cemetery with graves of prominent figures. A tour of the Treasure House and the halls guided by a Buddhist monk, Sanzen (Zen meditation practice) in English (once a month on a Saturday, requires booking states the website), Shakyo (sutra copying) practice and other events are also held. As someone who enjoys meditation, I’m hoping this Temple will offer some calm and perspective in a busy week in Japan. 

4 The Minatomirai Manyo Club
A hot spring facility offering hot spring baths, relaxation areas and overnight accommodations. The water is carried from hot springs in Atami and Yugawara six times a day on a 20,000 litre tank lorry. There are a variety of baths such as the Observation Foot Bath overlooking the Minatomirai area and the Yokohama Bay Bridge, outdoor baths and cypress bathtubs. Also includes traditional Thai massage and British style reflexology services, and restaurants providing Japanese course meals. Sign me up!

5 – Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
Now I’ve always loved the sea and Hakkeijima Sea Paradise looks like a fantastic day out! A large theme park that includes Aqua Resorts, Pleasure Land, shops, restaurants, and also a hotel. The Aqua Resorts includes three distinct major attractions. These include Aqua Museum, Dolphin Fantasy, the Fureai Lagoon, and UMI FARM.  

Want more information visit the Japan National Tourism Organization