Japanese pod hotels

Tickets now booked – TICK

Fearless flyer course – booking shortly….

Accommodation – ……looks like a pod hotel!

Tokyo is one of the worlds most expensive cities to live in or visit, so for my trip to the RWC2019 I’m weighing up three types of accommodation for best value mixed with enjoying the culture.

Airbnb – Interested in going down this route…however concerned about all the scam stories I hear. I possibly could end up with nowhere to stay halfway around the world.

Homestay – Staying with a Japanese family appeals and if the cost is right, this could be a option I’ll pursue.

Pod Hotel – Now…this is the one type of accommodation that fills me with dread and excitement with equal measure. Maybe its the child in me, camping behind the sofa with the blanket acting as a ceiling or pretending to be a spaceman in a plastic pod..whatever the subconscious reason, I think it would be cool. Then my adult mind kicks in…”you are thinking staying in a plastic pod with 40 other people packed in around you …you think it sounds cool…get a grip”.

So I’m torn. If you have any advice, drop me a message with your recommendations!

However if you haven’t seen a Japanese pod hotel in action…here’s a great example of one I’ve been looking into.