Overcome your fear in flying

I’m currently looking at which courses to book to overcome my fear of flying, however tonight I decided to check out a couple of free fearless flying talks, which come at the topic in different directions  however both contain excellent content which have helped me and might help you. 

Firstly I listened to Les Possen, an Aussie shrink who dispelled a massive myth in my head about turbulence and air pockets. Simple science explained, Les used the idea of associated smells, in his case raspberry jelly, to remind us that turbulence hasn’t brought down a place since the 1950 and its incredibly safe. 

Next up was Mel Robbins, a TED talker who approached the topic as mind over matter, anchoring a positive thought throughout the plane process to ensure we meet our goal of flying. 

From sharing anchor thoughts to help you onto the plane, recognizing triggers, distraction, the fear of noise changes when the plane levels off…Mel Robbins shared simple tips on overcoming your anxiety whilst flying. She describes in detail how I personally feel when flying which made me feel like I wasn’t abnormal, my concerns were genuine, but simply unfounded.  Mel has overcome her fears with simple mind over matter techniques and training and I’m rather excited about her approach, built on the knowledge that Les Possen provided.

I’m delighted to have found both videos online….certainly a positive step towards Japan. Feeling excited!